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The Merrimack Valley Business Support (MVBS) Coalition came together in the wake of the Columbia Gas disaster in the Merrimack Valley.  Then, as now, the need for coordinated efforts to support small businesses was vital.  The coalition came to understand that a successful economic recovery lies in a systems approach that actively involves nonprofits, business and community leaders, state and municipal governments, funders and volunteers.

Learn more about work done by this group of stakeholders in the below report, and scroll through the site to access new programs and resources available to business NOW. 

About MV Open for Business

In 2018 during the Columbia Gas crisis, our small business community was tested unlike ever before. Working hand in hand with partners from across the Merrimack Valley, we rallied to provide our small business community with the necessary support to allow them to rebuild, recoup, and recover. Two years later, we are being tested once more. As the effects of the Coronavirus crisis continues to create a severe impact across the small business community, we are building from the lessons of the 2018 crisis and are now collectively more than ever committed to seeing our Merrimack Valley businesses recover and grow.

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