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Amplify Latinx, Surfside Capital Advisors & The Enterprise Center Latino Business Resilience Prog.

Amplify Latinx, Surfside Capital Advisors & The Enterprise Center - They're actively recruiting for applicants for the Latino Business Resilience Program

In this program, Latino-owned small businesses will receive expert guidance on developing and implementing resiliency strategies such as pivoting, digital transformation, and capital readiness to navigate the ongoing uncertainties of COVID-19 and create the foundation for success in the recovery. This free program will bring up to 25 businesses together and provide:

  • Expert business evaluation and development of a strategic road map to optimize your business model, stabilize, get capitalized and grow.

  • Business coaching and mentorship to help you make the best decisions for your business.

  • Best practices and techniques to operate your business profitably.

  • Ways to pivot your business and identify basic financial, payroll and marketing solutions to operate profitably in the COVID economy.

Please click HERE for more details about the program.


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